We are pleased to release a hotfix for RAD Studio 10.2. This hotfix addresses:

  • debugger issues for Android, iOS, and Linux;
  • Delphi Win64 compiler issues;
  • a C++ RTL issue addressing a crash on exit;
  • a security issue in the C/C++ RTL. Our thanks to Ɓukasz Wyporek for notifying us of this issue.

You can find full details about each issue in the readme and download page on CodeCentral.

We also have an Android compatibility patch in the works to address Android issues around text input, control rendering and performance.

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  • Hi James - we do work with them, but one of the most effective things is for their own customers to complain to them. In general I recommend whitelisting the entire build folder for a project, as well as the RAD Studio binaries, and manually checking them when you need to verify (eg before publishing a built binary.)
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