As mentioned in Atanas' August 2020 GM Update, Embarcadero is moving off of the Idera community platform to a whole new Embarcadero only blogging platform.

We are migrating all the existing blog posts there, so no content will be lost (famous last words I know). We may even be able to dig up some old blog posts that were lost in the previous move. One of the big changes on this new blogging platform, besides being based on WordPress, which powers the majority of the world's blogs, is it will have a multi-langue solution baked into the basics of the platform. So you can go and only view the posts in your spoken language of choice. 

We are also looking to work with a number of existing communities that are already doing a better job of providing a peer support forum. Previously, we were effectively competing with these other communities, which doesn't make sense because they are functionally better. Our goal is to help those communities grow, which, in turn, will lead to the existing community on here shrinking. Community is important to us, but we don't need to own the platform everyone communicates on.

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  • Hi Jim.  So I just jumped over to the link you've provided.  Can you explain in a little more detail how the forums are to be used and where exactly are they?  What I'm seeing are a bunch of blog posts and ads for other products. 

    If I click on the community link, it takes me to a list of 3rd party sites, so how is it supposed to be organized, especially with finding existing questions and discussions?

    Can you elaborate a little on using the new pages.  Thank you very much Jim.

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