The following is a list of free Delphi libraries, utilities and examples with full source code available from WinSoft. Many are Windows specific, but there are some Android specific ones too. A lot of really useful code here. Thanks to Erik Salaj.

Update: These links are broken, but you may find some of them on Internet Archive.

  • .NET Framework Detect - Shows versions of .NET Frameworks installed on your computer. Available free with full source code.
  • AutoRun - Suppresses AutoRun programmatically
  • AWE - Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) for Delphi allows your applications to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB.
  • CodePages - Delphi library for text conversion between different code pages.
  • Create GUID - Creates and shows GUID, a unique 128-bit integer used for CLSIDs and interface identifiers. Available free with full source code. 
  • Create PDF for Android - Does exactly that. 
  • CPU Speed - Measures the speed of the computer processor.
  • DAO Detect - Shows DAO (Data Access Objects) and ACEDAO (Microsoft Access database engine Data Access Objects) versions installed on your computer
  • Device Info for Android - Info like CPU, Brand, etc.
  • Enum Drives - Enumerates available disk drives.
  • Enum Net - Enumeration of network resources or existing connections.
  • Enum Processes - Enumerates the current processes in the system.
  • File Version - Shows version information for the specified file.
  • Folder Path - Shows paths of special folders.
  • IP Address - Shows the Internet Protocol address of your computer.
  • Location for Android - Detailed location information including providers
  • MAC Address - Shows the MAC (Media Access Control) address of network adapters installed in your computer. 
  • MDAC Detect - Shows version of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) installed on your computer. 
  • Memory Status - Shows information about the system's current usage of both physical and virtual memory. 
  • Monitor Off - Turns your screen off
  • OS Version - Microsoft Windows Version information
  • Path Edit - Multiline editor for PATH environment variable. 
  • Restart - Restarts Windows
  • Ringtone for Android - Shows working with Ringtones on Android
  • Sensors for Android - Sensor example for Android
  • SpeechRecognizer for Android - Example working with Speech Recognition on Android
  • System Timing - Shows system idle, kernel and user time. Values are the sum of the designated times across all CPU cores.
  • TextToSpeech for Android - Converts text to speech on Android.
  • ToneGenerator for Android - Generate Tones on Android
  • UTF-8 - Converts strings and widestrings from/to UTF-8.
  • Vibrator for Android - Example of working with the Vibrator API on Android
  • WMI View - Shows Windows Management Instrumentation data.

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