In RAD Studio 10.2.2, we updated the Welcome page with new functionality: upcoming events, a Youtube feed from our channel, and sample applications.  We also elevated documentation to its own tab inside the IDE.  Unfortunately, for English versions of the IDE only, the Documentation page in the tab had a display error causing it to be only about 100 pixels wide.

We have a hotfix for this issue.  It addresses:

  • RSP-19521, and duplicate issues RSP-19693, RSP-19634 and RSP-19546
  • Additional tweaks to the Welcome page layout:
    • Favorites and Recent Projects now display their full content, instead of having individual scrollbars. The entire center panel of the Welcome screen has a single scrollbar, allowing the Samples to be pushed offscreen as you use and favorite more projects
    • Font, layout and colour tweaks to the Upcoming Events and Youtube feeds, as well as the Welcome page as a whole

Download the hotfix here!

The updated Welcome Page now looks like this:

Dark theme

Light theme

Download the hotfix here!

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  • After the patch, the "Upcoming Events" and "YouTube videos" are still not working. Just a spinning circle for each item. Is there any other solution?
  • Hi David, the wellcome page would be more practice (at least for us as we manage many projects), if the 'favorite projects' section could manage at least one level of folders, in order to sort the different kind of projects by different criteria. So you can add/delete folders, and add/delete proyects/groups to/from those folders. Regards, David
  • The "Upcoming Events" and "YouTube videos" are still not working. Just a spinning circle for each item.
  • Still hoping you guys will eventually tie the F1 help option in the IDE into a web search on the documentation site if the local help isn't installed (I haven't installed the help in quite litterally YEARS. I just use the help website instead)
  • The readme.txt file in the patch contains suggested backup commands that use a forward slash rather than a backward slash. This will not work on a Windows machine. The user must change the forward slashes to backward slashes; the commands then execute rather than throwing an error.
  • The width of the two main columns stays the same, and is about the same as in previous versions. Only the Events / Youtube column changes width, and it will eventually collapse to the side entirely. But when it does this, no, the other columns do not change. You should find though that they render more nicely too - layout problems there involving wrapping and varying sizes are fixed, plus there are some tweaks such as Recent Projects showing the path the same way Favorites does.
  • Hi David, With the hot-fix, does the width of the first 2 columns in the welcome screen adjust when the third column is minimised? regards Dave.