SQL Compliance Mgr - Flood of error log messages due to SQL Trace start/stop

Using SQL Compliance Manager 5.6 with SQL Server 2016 and older servers, the SQL Server error log gets flooded by messages such as:

SQL Trace ID 3 was started by login "CORP\SOME_LOGIN".
SQL Trace stopped. Trace ID = '3'. Login Name = 'CORP\SOME_LOGIN'.

The login referenced is the service account we are using for SQL Diagnostics Manager, and is included in the Trusted Logins on the server config.

We have the collection method set to Extended Events, but apparently that method doesn't apply to some things, or there is a bug.

  • Is this a bug?

  • If it's not a bug, is there any way that I can configure SQL Server or SQL Compliance Manager to eliminate these log messages?
  • The Extended Event collection option is limited to the collection of SELECT and DML events. All other audit settings (e.g. Admin, Security, DLL, etc) are still reliant on SQL Server Profiler Traces in the current release of SQL Compliance Manager. On that note, the log entries that you mentioned in the SQL Server Error Log are expected.

    On another note, if you take a look at the Windows Application Event Log in Event Viewer, you'll also see similar entries. If you use the "-n" startup parameter, SQL Server error logging will not be performed to the event log. Be aware that this will also prevent the logging of other SQL server errors as events, including successful and failed backups. If you need to see this information, you can still find it in the SQL Server error log , located at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\LOG" by default.

    For more information, please see the Microsoft Books Online article on Startup Parameters.

    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any option to prevent SQL Server from logging the trace related activities into the error logs.

  • Tep,  I am getting around 20-22 Application Events logged at a time with Event ID 19030 and 19031.  I seem to get these all about every 30 seconds in my event log, all with a time stamp of the same second.   Like 22 entries at 8/27/2019 3:59:34 PM for example.   30 seconds later I get another 22 entries.   This seems excessive and seems the excessive tracing could hurt the server performance.   Does this seem normal?   Thanks.