DB Support for DoD STIGs

Does anyone know if the latest version of SQL Compliance Manager (5.6 I believe) supports

STIGs for SQL 2017 - (Or even SQL 2016) 

The 5.5 version we have only supports the STIGS for SQL 2014

  • Hey Larry - 

    SQL 2016 didn't get updated until Oct/Nov last year, so we didn't have it available to put it in CM 5.5.  However, nothing has been updated that would change the audited information for Database and Instance.

    With the CM 5.6 documentation, we talk about which items we address with the product for SQL 2016. (http://wiki.idera.com/display/SQLCM/Comply+with+specific+regulations

    In 5.6.1 the documentation within the product will be updated. 

    We have not reviewed the STIGs for 2017 yet, but I would not expect much to change. 


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