CM not unloading \Program Files\Idera\SQLcompliance\CollectionServerTraceFiles folder


Today I noticed that I hadn't received any notification from CM in many hours.  Upon further investigation (and testing by creating some failed logins) I concluded that the console and each monitored server's database weren't updating.  Looking into if further I noticed that the Program Files\Idera\SQLcompliance\CollectionServerTraceFiles on the collection server was collecting files but apparently not loading them up.  The number of files kept growing and growing.  It also wasn't a case of it not keeping up with a deluge.  I created a report of files grouped within the hour they were last accessed  and starting about 10am yesterday things appeared to have frozen.  I'm not sure what happened at 10--I don't think I added anything or changed any configuration.

I actually renamed that folder and created another one with a the old name and that one just fills up also.  I've restarted services and rebooted to no avail.

Anyone ever encountered this before?  Does anyone have any real world advise on the maximum number of servers I can monitor?  I've got about 40 in there now and have at least 300 more to add in the coming weeks.  


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  • I changed some of the auditing yesterday and last night the number of trace files went pretty high.  Around 9000 files.  I recently removed most of the auditing except for security changes both at the server level and at the database level.  We are only talking one server and 2 user databases along with the system dbs.  Over the course of today the number of trace files is now 25,000 and the server is not keeping up with processing.  These files are very small so I don't understand the issue with this application.    Any help is appreciated at this point.  

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