PowerShell Essentials - Become a PowerShell Wiz, Too!

Whether you are new to PowerShell or have worked with it already, PowerShell MVP and trainer Dr. Tobias Weltner treats PowerShell as a video game with 5 levels of difficulty. In this webcast, he will explain each level and what the essential pieces are that you need to successfully tackle the boss monster and move on to the next level.

Presented By:

Tobias Weltner

Short Bio:

Tobias Weltner is a long-term PowerShell MVP and has written more than 100 books on IT topics in Europe. He currently provides training for mid- to large-size enterprises throughout Europe. He is a founding member of powershellcommunity.org and started powershell.com. Mr. Weltner also created the award-winning PowerShell development environment “PowerShell Plus” and published the free eBook “Mastering PowerShell." What he loves best is explaining complex matters in fun and easy practical terms. In his spare time, he enjoys crew rowing and diving, and is an active member of Rotary in Hannover/Germany, organizing Youth Exchanges.