Handle Date in conversion from Excel to CSV

Hi all,

i I have a small issue, i open an excel through Powershell and convert it ( bettere say save it as) a CSV file.

The issue is that i would like to have the Dates inside the Excel converted to the Regional Settings on the machine.

I've seen that if a place a custom value in one of the cell, for example yyyy-mm-dd, in the CSV that is generated i find a value like 2018-02-22.

If there a way to force it to convert that value to the Regional Setting.

So if  [System.Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentCulture is set to "it-IT" all dates should be "dd/mm/yyyy"

The code so far is fairly straightforward 

#Get ID to Close Excel later
$priorExcelProcesses = Get-Process -name "*Excel*" | % { $_.Id }
$excelApp = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application
$postExcelProcesses = Get-Process -name "*Excel*" |
$excelApp.DisplayAlerts = $false
$workbook = $excelApp.Workbooks.Open($ExcelFiles)
#Position to the First Sheet of the Excel
$Worksheet = $Workbook.WorkSheets.item(1)
#Save the Excel as a CSV file
$csvFilePath = $ExcelFiles -replace "\.xls$", ".csv" -replace "\.xlsx$", ".csv"
$workbook.SaveAs($csvFilePath, [Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlFileFormat]::xlCSV)
# Release Excel Com Object resource
Start-Sleep 5