Question about Community Guidelines

Is there any particular guideline or feeling within the community about answering questions that are a student asking for homework?  I know some communities I've been to are pretty much set against doing it for them (and there's a lot of good reasons for it!)

Was just curious about's thoughts?

  • Most of the "homework" kinds of problems seem fairly obvious.  And I feel it's unethical to do someone else's homework for them.  One guy was so lazy he didn't even remove the section numbers and headers.  On the other hand, if it looks like they've done a decent job and thought it through, but are struggling with one point, I don't mind pointing out where their issue is.

    The same is true with non-students.  Here lately, there have been a few posts where someone has put out something similar to a requirements document.  The implied expectation seems to be they expect the consultancy to solve their problem and post a code-complete solution, free of course.  I have no interest in these.  If I reply at all, it's to ask what they have done so far and please post your code.

  • Bob's nailed it. :) That's exactly how I feel about that problem. They need to show some efforts to solve the problems themselves first.

    "Forum" -ne "Free consultancy"

  • I agree with Bob. Plus the actual problem makes a difference. I post here because I want to help others AND improve my skills. :)

  • nohandle said:
    I post here because I want to help others AND improve my skills. :)

    Agreed.  Additionally, I don't post on issues that I can't validate, e.g., Exchange, SharePoint, SCCM.  That is, unless its an obvious coding error.

  • I would like to thank all of you for excellent contributions to forums. You guys are really the best!