SimplySql: PowerShell module to make talking to databases intuitive and simple.


Having benefited so much from the PowerShell community over the years, I have wanted to give back in some way.  As part of my day job as a systems administrator, I'm constantly having to interact with databases.  I've wanted a straight-forward, powershell-y way to interact with them that didn't require the complexity of .Net code.  I also didn't want the overhead of the Sql Server PowerShell Snapin (and that limited me to a single DB vendor).  So over the years I wrote a script module that packaged up the basic functionality I wanted, wrapping the underlying .Net mechanics in powershell verb-noun functions.  Further, this allowed me to transparently support both Oracle and Sql Server.

More recently I needed to be able to support PostGre and SQLite, and so I have completely redone my original module as a binary module written in VB.Net.  This gave me the ability to refactor and add support for bulk-copy as well as informational messages and transactions in a more intuitive fashion.  Thus SimplySql.  The basic format is to open a connection to a database, execute queries and then close your connection.  The module supports (theoretically) an unlimited set of discrete connections (each cmdlet has a "ConnectionName" parameter that you can use to distinguish between them, if you leave it off, it defaults to "Default").

I hope this module proves beneficial to those in the powershell community.  You can find the source code and binaries at  Thanks.

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