This Scripts is useful to Download the Updates @ SUS server & to Approve / Decline patches according to our requirement.

This is mostly useful when Admin is doing repeated tasks & helps to automate those repeated Tasks.

Step 1 : Run the Script @ WSUS Server & It Downloads the latest released updates from Internet to SUS server

--> Once Download is completed, it saves the downloaded patches details @ c:\ path

(Example: C:\04-11-2012_FullDetails_LastSyncPatches.txt)

--> It gives a Pop up either to decline / approve "Itanium Patches" & the list is saved @ C:\ path

(Example: C:\04-11-2012_Declined_ItaniumPatches_Details.txt), once Patches are declined & Saved in notepad

Imp to Note **: Do not select Pop up "Yes" to go ahead now for patches approval

Go to Text file "C:\Date-2012_TO_Approve-Patches_Details.txt" & remove the patches which you don't want to approve.

Once you removed unnecessary patches then Save the TO_APPROVE_Patches file & then select the Pop Up "YES"


Happy Learning

Phani Ghanta