Event Log Grabber v1

A simple script to get event logs from a remote machine and export to csv file or display this in grid view.

What you can do with this?

You can specify the time period in hours

You can specify the Type of the event

You can specify the event the severity

You can export the log to a csv file, if required

Please give your comments on this script.

  • Along the same idea;

    Some thing I use to get remote logs, eg from my desk to the

    servers, That first { get-date;"#"} is just for formating, the -list sets up the names of all the files from the server to read for the nexdt get-event. Handy for mixed server env. 2 cents, JB

    get-eventlog -list -computername srvdc001 |foreach-object -begin { get-date;"#" } { $_.log; get-event

    log -newest 3  -log $_.log  -computername srvdc001 }