User account locked out mail notification with HTML report

This script will send you an notification when an user account is locked out.

I modified the output, normally it would look like this:


    Security ID:        S-1-5-18
    Account Name:        DC
    Account Domain:        DOMAIN
    Logon ID:        0x3e7

Account That Was Locked Out:
    Security ID:        S-1-5-21-162996128-1511881221-1856903913-1149
    Account Name:        test

Additional Information:
    Caller Computer Name:    \\VM


Let this script run with task scheduler on EventID 4740, you can do that like this


Batch file:

powershell -command "& 'C:\Powershell\account_locked_out.ps1' "


Please fill your own SMTP and email info etc.

Any questions of suggestions are welcome!