Disable QADUser with timestamp, logfile, email notification and more

Required in $Profile:

Add-PSSnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement

connect-qadservice -service "SERVER.DOMAIN"

What does it do:

This .PS1 file automates the disabling of a AD user account.

Utilize compare-object to verify said user is the logged on user to prevent unintended modification of AD object.

Creates a log on localhost.  Path can be modified as needed for intended domain.

Modifies AD description field: "Account disabled by $UserName on $date".

Sends custom email with result of script to a specified email address.

Necessary script modifications required to make it run:

# At [$to = "."] replace with smtp mail recipient

# At [-SmtpServer "."] replace with SMTP Server 

Suggested script modification for more specific use:

# At [start-transcript] consider specifying a path

# At [$body...] consider selecting any get-qaduser property

For more help try these cmdlet:

Get-Help Get-WmiObject

Get-Help Get-QADUser

Get-Help Send-MailMessage