Microsoft’s Sysinternals tools are a rich set of powerful console utilities that can also be run inside PowerShell and provide helpful information, albeit in string format.

Here is a script that fully automates the download, unblocking and unzipping, to get you started.

$destinationZipPath = "$env:temp\"
$destinationFolder  = "$env:temp\pstools"
$link = ""
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $link -OutFile $destinationZipPath -UseBasicParsing
Unblock-File -Path $destinationZipPath
Expand-Archive -Path $destinationZipPath -DestinationPath $destinationFolder -Force
Remove-Item -Path $destinationZipPath
explorer /select,$destinationFolder

Once done, Windows Explorer opens the folder where the tools were unzipped and selects the folder. You can now manually launch any of the Sysinternals tools in this folder.

In our next tip we’ll be looking at how you run these tools from within PowerShell.

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