Today we are not talking about code but about PowerShell in general. Microsoft has announced that the next release of PowerShell is called “PowerShell 7” and will be based on .NET Core 3.0. This is significant because .NET Core 3.0 re-introduces WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, GUIs), at least on Windows machines. This way, PowerShell can re-introduce GUI-dependent cmdlets such as Out-GridView, and it is also expected that PowerShell 7 will aim to close the gap in feature set that currently prevents most Windows admins from using PowerShell 6.

While it will still be a way until PowerShell 7 is on equal height on Windows system, we suggest you stay on top of the news and read this: – PowerShell Conference EU 2019 – June 4-7, Hannover Germany – visit There aren’t too many trainings around for experienced PowerShell scripters where you really still learn something new. But there’s one place you don’t want to miss: PowerShell Conference EU - with 40 renown international speakers including PowerShell team members and MVPs, plus 350 professional and creative PowerShell scripters. Registration is open at, and the full 3-track 4-days agenda becomes available soon. Once a year it’s just a smart move to come together, update know-how, learn about security and mitigations, and bring home fresh ideas and authoritative guidance. We’d sure love to see and hear from you!

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  • The day PS7 includes the Active Directory module then will be useful, otherwise is just another tool

  • CoderDude

    But... but... but...

    You can add the AD stuff, at least on Windows with PSCorev6 using the Windows Compatibility module. THis is fully documented, by Microsoft, here:

    In PSv7, did you even download it, install it, and look, before making your statement?

    Just say'in.

    PS D:\Scripts> $host

    Name : ConsoleHost

    Version : 7.0.0-preview.1

    InstanceId : fb1de603-9a04-49eb-86c5-82939925a394

    UI : System.Management.Automation.Internal.Host.InternalHostUserInterface

    CurrentCulture : en-US

    CurrentUICulture : en-US

    PrivateData : Microsoft.PowerShell.ConsoleHost+ConsoleColorProxy

    DebuggerEnabled : True

    IsRunspacePushed : False

    Runspace : System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.LocalRunspace


    PS D:\Scripts> Get-Module

    ModuleType Version Name ExportedCommands

    ---------- ------- ---- ----------------

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Management {Add-Content, Clear-Content, Clear-Item, Clear-ItemProperty…}

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility {Add-Member, Add-Type, Clear-Variable, Compare-Object…}

    Script 2.0.0 PSReadLine {Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler, Get-PSReadLineOption, Remove-PSRe…

    Script 1.0.0 WindowsCompatibility {Add-WindowsPSModulePath, Add-WinFunction, Compare-WinModule…

    PS D:\Scripts> Get-Module -ListAvailable


    Directory: C:\Program Files\PowerShell\Modules

    ModuleType Version Name PSEdition ExportedCommands

    ---------- ------- ---- --------- ----------------

    Script 1.0.0 WindowsCompatibility Core {Initialize-WinSession, Add-WinFunction, Invoke-Wi…

    Directory: C:\program files\powershell\7-preview\Modules

    ModuleType Version Name PSEdition ExportedCommands

    ---------- ------- ---- --------- ----------------

    Manifest CimCmdlets Core {Get-CimAssociatedInstance, Get-CimClass, Get-CimI…

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive Desk {Compress-Archive, Expand-Archive}

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Diagnostics Core {Get-WinEvent, New-WinEvent}

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Host Core {Start-Transcript, Stop-Transcript}

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Management Core {Add-Content, Clear-Content, Clear-ItemProperty, J…

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Security Core {Get-Acl, Set-Acl, Get-PfxCertificate, Get-Credent…

    Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility Core {Export-Alias, Get-Alias, Import-Alias, New-Alias…}

    Manifest Microsoft.WSMan.Management Core {Disable-WSManCredSSP, Enable-WSManCredSSP, Get-WS…

    Script 1.4 PackageManagement Desk {Find-Package, Get-Package, Get-PackageProvider, G…

    Script 2.1.4 PowerShellGet Desk {Find-Command, Find-DSCResource, Find-Module, Find…

    Script 0.0 PSDesiredStateConfiguration Desk {AddDscResourcePropertyFromMetadata, Get-MofInstan…

    Script PSDiagnostics Core {Disable-PSTrace, Disable-PSWSManCombinedTrace, Di…

    Script 2.0.0 PSReadLine Desk {Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler, Set-PSReadLineKeyHandle…

    Binary 1.1.2 ThreadJob Desk Start-ThreadJob

    Directory: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules

    ModuleType Version Name PSEdition ExportedCommands

    ---------- ------- ---- --------- ----------------

    Manifest ActiveDirectory Core,Desk {Add-ADCentralAccessPolicyMember, Add-ADComputerSe…

    Manifest Appx Core,Desk {Add-AppxPackage, Get-AppxPackage, Get-AppxPackage…

    Script AssignedAccess Core,Desk {Clear-AssignedAccess, Get-AssignedAccess, Set-Ass…


    As long as you in in a Windows Forest / doman, and can reach an DC, you can most certainly use it.

    PS D:\Scripts> Import-Module -Name ActiveDirectory

    WARNING: Error initializing default drive: 'Unable to find a default server with Active Directory Web Services running.'.

    On WS2K19, and PSCore, it is there, MS demo'd this at MSIgnite 2018.

    So, no, not exactly like RSAT, but there.

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