In the previous tip, we explained how to dump all BIOS settings for Lenovo computers. To change settings, you need to know the supported alternatives for a given setting. Here is a chunk of code that dumps the list of available options for a given BIOS settings (for Lenovo computers):

#requires -RunAsAdministrator

# this is case-sensitive
$Setting = "WakeOnLAN"

$selections = Get-WmiObject -Class Lenovo_GetBiosSelections -Namespace root\wmi

Note that this code requires Administrator privileges. Also, the setting name is case-sensitive. The result may look similar to this:


And this would be a complete example showing how to retrieve the current BIOS settings, plus the list of legal settings:

#requires -RunAsAdministrator

$selections = Get-WmiObject -Class Lenovo_GetBiosSelections -Namespace root\wmi

Get-WmiObject -Class Lenovo_BiosSetting -Namespace root\wmi | 
Where-Object CurrentSetting |
ForEach-Object {
    $parts = $_.CurrentSetting.Split(',')
        CurrentSetting = $parts[0]
        Status = $parts[1]
        Active = $_.Active
        AvailableSettings = $selections.GetBiosSelections($parts[0]).Selections.Split(',')
} | Out-GridView

The result may look similar to this:

CurrentSetting                      Status                                Active AvailableSettings                 
--------------                      ------                                ------ -----------------                 
WakeOnLAN                           ACOnly                                  True {Disable, ACOnly, ACandBattery,...
WakeOnLANDock                       Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
EthernetLANOptionROM                Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
IPv4NetworkStack                    Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
IPv6NetworkStack                    Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
UefiPxeBootPriority                 IPv4First                               True {IPv6First, IPv4First}            
WiGigWake                           Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
WirelessAutoDisconnection           Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
MACAddressPassThrough               Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
USBBIOSSupport                      Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
AlwaysOnUSB                         Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
TrackPoint                          Automatic                               True {Disable, Automatic}              
TouchPad                            Automatic                               True {Disable, Automatic}              
FnCtrlKeySwap                       Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
FnSticky                            Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
FnKeyAsPrimary                      Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
BootDisplayDevice                   LCD                                     True {LCD, USBTypeC, HDMI, DockDisplay}
SharedDisplayPriority               DockDisplay                             True {HDMI, DockDisplay}               
TotalGraphicsMemory                 256MB                                   True {256MB, 512MB}                    
BootTimeExtension                   Disable                                 True {Disable, 1, 2, 3...}             
SpeedStep                           Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
AdaptiveThermalManagementAC         MaximizePerformance                     True {MaximizePerformance, Balanced}   
AdaptiveThermalManagementBattery    Balanced                                True {MaximizePerformance, Balanced}   
CPUPowerManagement                  Automatic                               True {Disable, Automatic}              
OnByAcAttach                        Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
PasswordBeep                        Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
KeyboardBeep                        Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
AMTControl                          Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable, Disable}        
USBKeyProvisioning                  Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
WakeByThunderbolt                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
ThunderboltSecurityLevel            UserAuthorization                       True {NoSecurity, UserAuthorization,...
PreBootForThunderboltDevice         Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable, Pre-BootACL}    
PreBootForThunderboltUSBDevice      Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
LockBIOSSetting                     Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
MinimumPasswordLength               Disable                                 True {Disable, 4, 5, 6...}             
BIOSPasswordAtUnattendedBoot        Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BIOSPasswordAtReboot                Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
BIOSPasswordAtBootDeviceList        Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
PasswordCountExceededError          Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
FingerprintPredesktopAuthentication Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
FingerprintReaderPriority           External                                True {External, InternalOnly}          
FingerprintSecurityMode             Normal                                  True {Normal, High}                    
FingerprintPasswordAuthentication   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
SecurityChip                        Enable                                  True {Active, Inactive, Disable, Ena...
TXTFeature                          Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
PhysicalPresenceForTpmProvision     Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
PhysicalPresenceForTpmClear         Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BIOSUpdateByEndUsers                Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
SecureRollBackPrevention            Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
WindowsUEFIFirmwareUpdate           Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
DataExecutionPrevention             Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
VirtualizationTechnology            Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
VTdFeature                          Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
EthernetLANAccess                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
WirelessLANAccess                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
WirelessWANAccess                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BluetoothAccess                     Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
USBPortAccess                       Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
MemoryCardSlotAccess                Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
SmartCardSlotAccess                 Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
IntegratedCameraAccess              Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
MicrophoneAccess                    Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
FingerprintReaderAccess             Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
ThunderboltAccess                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
NfcAccess                           Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
WiGig                               Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BottomCoverTamperDetected           Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
InternalStorageTamper               Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
ComputraceModuleActivation          Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable, Disable}        
SecureBoot                          Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
SGXControl                          SoftwareControl                         True {Disable, Enable, SoftwareControl}
DeviceGuard                         Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable}                 
BootMode                            Quick                                   True {Quick, Diagnostics}              
StartupOptionKeys                   Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BootDeviceListF12Option             Enable                                  True {Disable, Enable}                 
BootOrder                           USBCD:USBFDD:NVMe0:HDD0:USBHDD:PCILAN   True {HDD0, HDD1, HDD2, HDD3...}       
NetworkBoot                         USBFDD                                  True {HDD0, HDD1, HDD2, HDD3...}       
BootOrderLock                       Disable                                 True {Disable, Enable} 

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