Text files can be stored using different encodings, and to correctly reading them, you must specify the encoding. That’s why most cmdlets dealing with text file reading offer the -Encoding parameter (for example, Get-Content). If you don’t specify the correct encoding, you are likely ending up with messed up special characters and umlauts.

Yet how do you (automatically) determine the encoding a given text file uses? Here is a handy function that can help:

function Get-Encoding

    $bom = New-Object -TypeName System.Byte[](4)
    $file = New-Object System.IO.FileStream($Path, 'Open', 'Read')
    $null = $file.Read($bom,0,4)
    $enc = [Text.Encoding]::ASCII
    if ($bom[0] -eq 0x2b -and $bom[1] -eq 0x2f -and $bom[2] -eq 0x76) 
      { $enc =  [Text.Encoding]::UTF7 }
    if ($bom[0] -eq 0xff -and $bom[1] -eq 0xfe) 
      { $enc =  [Text.Encoding]::Unicode }
    if ($bom[0] -eq 0xfe -and $bom[1] -eq 0xff) 
      { $enc =  [Text.Encoding]::BigEndianUnicode }
    if ($bom[0] -eq 0x00 -and $bom[1] -eq 0x00 -and $bom[2] -eq 0xfe -and $bom[3] -eq 0xff) 
      { $enc =  [Text.Encoding]::UTF32}
    if ($bom[0] -eq 0xef -and $bom[1] -eq 0xbb -and $bom[2] -eq 0xbf) 
      { $enc =  [Text.Encoding]::UTF8}
      Encoding = $enc
      Path = $Path

Here is a test run checking all text files in your user profile:

PS> dir $home -Filter *.txt -Recurse | Get-Encoding

Encoding                    Path                                                                        
--------                    ----                                                                        
System.Text.UnicodeEncoding C:\Users\tobwe\E006_psconfeu2019.txt                                        
System.Text.UnicodeEncoding C:\Users\tobwe\E009_psconfeu2019.txt                                        
System.Text.UnicodeEncoding C:\Users\tobwe\E027_psconfeu2019.txt                                        
System.Text.ASCIIEncoding   C:\Users\tobwe\.nuget\packages\Aspose.Words\18.12.0\...
System.Text.ASCIIEncoding   C:\Users\tobwe\.vscode\extensions\ms-vscode.powers...
System.Text.UTF8Encoding    C:\Users\tobwe\.vscode\extensions\ms-vscode.powers... 

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