Windows is using a DNS cache, so when you change DNS servers, you need to flush the cache before the new settings take effect. PowerShell is a friend with old console commands, so you can simply run this line in PowerShell:

PS> ipconfig /flushdns

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  • ditto, and ipconfig /displaydns will show local cache. Yet as fart as using cmdlets vs native DOS commands, it's a matter of habit, preference, or knowledge of the PoSH equivalents.    Well, that and the amount of typing required for the PoSH equivalent when deciding which to use. Yes, you can use PoSH aliases, but they can be as difficult to follow/remember if you have never used them, thus not knowing they even exist and / or spending the time to learn about them / using them regularly.

  • How about Clear-DnsClientCache?

    With Get-DnsClientCache you can also see the local cache