Most cmdlets and functions are part of PowerShell modules. If you’d like to explore where exactly these commands come from, here is an easy approach.

# replace the command name with any PowerShell command name
# you'd like to explore
$Name = "Get-Printer"
$ModuleName = (Get-Command -Name $Name -CommandType Function, Cmdlet).Source

if ('' -eq $ModuleName)
    Write-Warning "$Name was defined in memory, no module available."

Write-Warning "$Name resides in $ModuleName module"

$module = Get-Module -Name $ModuleName -ListAvailable
explorer $module.ModuleBase

Simply change $Name to the name of any PowerShell cmdlet you’d like to explore. If the command resides in a PowerShell module, the module opens in Windows Explorer, and you can examine its content.

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