When adding string information to URLs, i.e. to construct requests for calling REST web services, it is important to escape special characters. The type [Uri] comes with methods to escape and unescaped string for use in URLs:

$Text = 'SOS Save me please!'
$Escaped = [Uri]::EscapeUriString($Text)

The result looks like this:


Now you can safely send the escaped string data to RESTful webservices, for example. This convers the text to morse code:

$Text = 'SOS Save me please!'
$url = "https://api.funtranslations.com/translate/morse.json?text=$Text"

$Escaped = [Uri]::EscapeUriString($url)

$result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url

The result looks like this now:

... --- ...     ... .- ...- .     -- .     .--. .-.. . .- ... . ---.

Occasionally, escaping strings with this method can corrupt certain query strings. To work around this, check out tomorrow’s tips.

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