In our previous mini series we showed different approaches to get to the names of installed OS languages using different PowerShell methods. The result was always a list of language IDs, similar to this one:


What if I needed to convert these to full country names? Fortunately, it is always just a matter of data types. All the methods we illustrated to get to the installed language packs returned string data. Let’s take the WMI example for simplicity:

$os = Get-CIMInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem

When you cast the result to a better data type, you get better data. Instead of string, let’s take the data type responsible for county names: CultureInfo!

$os = Get-CIMInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem

Immediately, the same data is now represented in a much richer format:

LCID             Name             DisplayName          
----             ----             -----------         
1031             de-DE            German (Germany)
1033             en-US            English (United States)
1036             fr-FR            French (France)

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