ToolWindow module for displaying windows in separate threads

ToolWindow is a sample module to open and display one or more windows in separate PowerShell threads. This way, the windows can be kept open and updated from PowerShell without blocking PowerShell.

After downloading and unzipping the folder, you can start using the module like this:

PS> Import-Module c:\pathToUnzippedModule\ToolWindow

PS> New-ListWindow -title MyWindow -backgroundcolor Green -opacity 0.9 -fontfamily Consolaop -1 -left -1 -width 500 -height 300
PS> "Hello" | Out-ListWindow
PS> dir | Out-ListWindow
PS> dir | Out-String -Stream | Out-ListWindow
PS> Get-Command -Module ToolWindow

Capability      Name                                               ModuleName
----------      ----                                               ----------
Cmdlet, Script  Clear-ListWindow                                   toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Close-ListWindow                                   toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Get-ListWindow                                     toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Hide-ListWindow                                    toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  New-ListWindow                                     toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Out-ListWindow                                     toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Set-ListWindow                                     toolwindow
Cmdlet, Script  Show-ListWindow                                    toolwindow