Powershell Plus

Does Powershell Plus help with Powershell DSC scripts?

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  • I am not sure that you are after, but DSC is not tied to any scripting IDE. It's a PowerShell host management / system state management technical implementation strategy. You can use any PS scripting console o IDE to implement it, but those consoles / IDE's will not do anything specific for DSC, meaning, they will not write code for you or provide templates and the like. You download and use the DSC modules, just as you would any other PowerShell module(s), and learn the ins and outs of it all. There a many DSC resource items any many of the available GitHub sites. eg, https://github.com/powershell/DscResources. All-in-all, you need to ramp up on all things DSC first and how and what is needed to get it going, The PS console / IDE you'd use is moot, as they will all do virtually the same thing regarding it. Well, for PowerShell proper development, each IDE has its advantages and disadvantages in general, yet, that's just about dev for PowerShell not DSC specific.

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