Compare Master file and output files

I am trying to compare a Master Template to a CSV file that is ran daily to check if such machines are getting backed up or not and than output the file with the machines not getting backed up. I have tried the compare cmdlet in PowerShell and I don't get an accurate read.

$BaseCSV=import-csv .\documents\reports\Odin.csv

$NewCSV=import-csv .\Documents\Reports\thor.csv

Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $BaseCSV -DifferenceObject $NewCSV -IncludeEqual -property Node | Where { $_.SideIndicator -eq '=>' -or $_.SideIndicator -eq '==' } | export-csv .\Documents\Reports\Results\data.csv -NoTypeInformation

I have also tried to link my PowerShell commands to my sql database to try and compare the differences but I'm getting no where. I'm new to trying to compare this but any help would be great.