Get database count, database name & database creation date from SQL Servers using Powershell

Hi Folks,

I want some automation, I need consolidated information in .csv for all SQL Servers which are in different domain.

I need below four information only:

1) Instance name

2) database count for that instance

3) databases name for that instance

4) database creation date for that instance

I have no idea how to connect to servers of different domains and how to achieve this task.

  • Community forums are really not free code writing services, that is what consultants are for, 8^}, yea, I know, they cost money.  8^} … and all of us like free stuff.

    However, We are more than happy to help you with code you've written and having issue / confusion with.

    In order to do that, you have to show your work.

    You have already outlined what you'd like to do and a quick web search using the 'powershell' + 'your specific info point', would return many hits and samples.

    All-in-all, this is just and, 'How can I inventory my DB servers' kind of question and there are lots of web sites with step by step instructions on how to do that. Even pre-built scripts that you can user as they are (after you review them and make sure you know what they do / are doing), that you can tweak as needed via the MS


        PowerShell - SQL Inventory - Automatic - Excel File - EMAIL

        Inventory is a vital information,whether you’re a consultant or an in-house DBA, you need to have a reliable inventory of the servers you manage.Download


        powershell for sql server inventory

        Inventory of sql servers and databases from a csv list of servers.Original Script downloaded from here, alterations and additions made to Create an inventory of datababes and database propertiesIterates throught the List of servers  Outputting to an Excel Sheet.  It then iterate


        PowerShell Server Inventory
        Part 1: SQL Database Build

        Part 2: Collecting and Sending Data

        Part 3: Viewing the Inventory using a UI

        Let PowerShell do an Inventory of your Servers


  • Thanks a ton :) , It will help me a lot.

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