get-SqlData is not recognized by SQLPSX

I have SQL Server 2012 on Win 7 Home Premium SP1, and I have installed SQLPSX

I am running these commands in SQLPSX window:

$ServerRepository = "Gateway-i5" 
$DatabaseRepository = "SSISTask" 

get-SqlData -sqlserver $ServerRepository -dbname $DatabaseRepository -qry "Select ServerName,DateLastLogErrorImported from ServersInfo",

and I am getting this error:

"get-SqlData: the term get-SqlData is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file ..."

I searched all 11 pages on this site under "PowerShell and SQL SErver", and also web, but do not see this error discussed.

Do I need to install more packages to be able to run get-SqlData? 

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