Issue with extract and convert of date field

I am required to find the time when SQL Service was shut down ungracefully. There is nothing in the event viewer or the SQL Logs till it restarts.


I am extracting date from this statement:
The previous system shutdown at 1:30:21 PM on ‎3/‎29/‎2017 was unexpected.
I am able to get the date via extraction and it coverts it to datetime using powershell.
But when I insert that datetime into a sql table it gives the following error:

Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 18
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

By opening the string in UltraEdit for Hexa characters, I get to see this:
1:30:21 PM on ‎3/‎29/‎2017

I suspect this is the reason for its failure
the characters ‎. Not sure how to overcome this.

Any help is welcome