Automated install of SQL Server, Workflows or DSC???

Hey all, 

Trying to improve my installs of sql server by automating it all with powershell. 

i had a basic idea of

  • running a bunch of checks before install, setting up things (format drives, create folders, add service account to local security)
  • then running an install / slipstream (use a config file). 
  • then running the standard post install scripts to configure the instance (create maintenace plans, add standard extra accounts, monitoring etc). 

So far im coming up with a lot of issues for keeping this simple.. 

namely. things like

to add a domain account to a local security group i need to turn off UAC. (Which needs a reboot)

Ive got a check to see if a reboot is needed (Our server team like to patch and not reboot!) but again if i reboot im starting from scratch again and re-running the script..


Looking at it. Workflows and DSC seem to be the answer. I was originally thinking DSC but i need to do so many checks before the install part.. Im starting to think workflows is more whats needed?!.... 


I've never done any work with either and maybe im running to buzz words for solutions? .. does anyone have any experience using either of them for there install builds? maybe not specific to SQL install but something else 

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated! 


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