Required to create an Application through .exe after every SQL Install----Need help for this task autoamtion


I am very new to PS and I am a SQL DBA.

Kindly help me with the below situation.

After every SQL Installation,I need to install an agent by running a .exe file.

I copy that .exe file from a remote server and the path look like this:


As I have to install this agent regularly after every SQL install,am trying to automate the process through powershell.

As my first step:

1) Start-Process -FilePath "\\Servername\d$\SQLAdmin\************Installer.exe"

Next i do get a message box which says Run or Cancel.

Till I say Run it will not proceed further.

My Requirement:

There are four Message boxes I do get  during this installation:

Run or Cancel




How can i make this applciation installation a silent installation,I mean all by itself based on the powershell script for this task and I want this script to be attached to the SQL Silent Installation.ps1 immediately after the Installation of SQL Server is successful.



 Can you kindly help me with this automation as it helps me with lot of ************Installer  installations after every SQL build.

Please help me automate the process.



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  • It's a good plan to do that.

    The thing you need to check though is whether the agent program you are talking about has unattended parameters.

    Can you give any more details about the program it is that you wish to install after SQL installation?


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