Auto export database/tables from Local Sql Server to Azure.


I'm new to powershell and currently we use a c# app on the local to export data from local to our azure db. I now want to explore other options for auto exporting
and have pegged looking at powershell for a while, after some initail investigations I have to admit I was surprised how much there was too it but I haven't been succesful in
tracking down specific'ish info or scripts on my requirement.

So I'm looking for some advice/pointers/scripts - anything that might help basically :)

Some of our clients run sql server 2005 and some 2008 (express editions). If need be we can probably upgrade the 2005 although I've noted 2005 can run powershell with some install's applied.

So my requirement really is the auto export of preferably just some tables but maybe the whole database from a local sql server/db to an azure sql server/db using powershell.