Trying to extract and execute TSQL commands larger than 8K


I am trying to do the following:

$Query = "SELECT [ScriptText] FROM MyDB.[MySchema].[DBScripts] where DBName = 'ABC' and ScriptName = '13-StoredProcedures.sql'" 

$Script = Invoke-Sqlcmd -query $Query 


Invoke-Sqlcmd -query $Script[0]

I am getting an error message about some unclosed quotation mark and the value of the $script variable is truncated to around 8KB.

Even though the below query tells that the length of the string is 2543909 characters.

SELECT len([ScriptText]) FROM MyDB.[MySchema].[DBScripts] where DBName = 'ABC' and ScriptName = '13-StoredProcedures.sql'

Any idea how can I extract and execute the large script?