Local Batch file executing Remote Powershell script, passing a variable to the remote Powershell Script, with -Verb RunAs

Windows 10.

I'm HelpDesk Support Technician

I log into a Workstation I have just PXE Imaged, Privileged UserAccount

I have a Shortcut on my Privileged Desktop. It executes a batch command.

The Batch command collects the %ComputerName% of the workstation I'm logged into.

The Batch command is supposed to execute a "Remote Powershell script" on another computer "-computername  $remotenode", passing the variable %ComputerName% to the Powershell Script on the Remote Node. The remote Powershell script is supposed to -Verb RunAs in Admin mode on the remote node.

I have tried Start-Process, I have tried Invoke-Command.  I have been feverishly working on this for over 3 weeks, and continue to get a multitude of errors.

From:  A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'ComputerName'.

To: The term '-Verb' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program

With:  CatagoryInfo :    NotSpecified   :    RunTimeEception        Somewhere inbetween  .....

I can find Powershell to RemoteBatch

Batch to Local Powershell

Batch to Remote Powershell.   But not with "RunAs", nor passing Variables.

I'm exhausted !!

What do you recommend ???