automating entire Windows setup after a clean install

Examples of things I would like to do:

  • Change settings from the Settings app (e.g. customize the Notification Center, turn off Focus Assist, change Power Options).
  • Disable certain tasks in Task Scheduler (e.g. automatic thumbnail cleanup).
  • Create certain tasks in Task Scheduler (e.g. start up Throttlestop to activate undervolt).
  • Register Bluetooth devices (keyboard, mouse, headphones).
  • Personalization stuff, like wallpaper, Taskbar icons, File Explorer preferences etc.
  • Privacy / Performance settings (mostly Group Policy, but also Registry for when I couldn't find a way to do it via GPO).
  • Setting paths for programs and tools (ffmpeg, git, tex, python etc).
  • Changing disk labels (D->O, E->M, F->N).
  • Installing and setting up a couple programs and drivers, such as:
    • Nvidia Control Panel (configuring which programs use which GPU, if a program uses dGPU set specific graphics settings), remove Desktop context menu etc etc).
    • Firefox (copy the existing profile into the AppData profile folder and use that as default).
    • Just a couple more programs (I avoid installing and almost always opt for portable software for this very reason - it would be a pita to set up again).
  • Also things that require jumping through hoops and workarounds, such as:
    • Hide Recycle Bin from Desktop and place it in the Quick Access.

Can this all be done via Powershell and Group Policy exclusively? Active Directory? MDT? Maybe RPA even? (Completely unfamiliar with the latter three, but willing to learn if that's what is required).

I also want to avoid editing the image before installing, because (as far as I understand) that would mean creating a new one from scratch with every update (if I want to clean install that is, which I always do).

BTW this is for a single computer (maybe two). I'm just tired of having to set this all up after every install. And Windows is so prone to breakage that it's essentially unavoidable. And I always forget something and have to go googling. And sometimes I don't find it and end up just giving up. It's a pita, just a huge pita. It's the reason I'm still on 1809.