Need a powershell script to connect via RDP to other Windows machines with credentials and execute a test suite via ALM on the available host machine.

We used VNC viewer till now to execute and schedule our UFT automated runs, however, as our organization is moving to RDP I would need a PowerShell script to replicate the VNC behavior.

We are using Autosys to schedule our runs as of now (Let me know if we have a workaround here as well).

Challenges observed while using the windows RDP utility:

  1.  On connecting to a machine via  Remote desktop connection utility, the UI runs are impacted once the machine is minimized by the user. In VNC, minimizing one machine does not impact the other machine run.
  2. On using the RDP utility, the connection is breaking in between resulting in unexpected failures.
  3. On triggering the runs from ALM to other RDP machine, in case the machine is locked in between, the run is hampered.
  4. As the machines are shared, the user has no idea if anyone is already using the RDP machine or not.