Extract info for files and folders in file server

Hi All

Want to create a script to collect all this info for all folders and files in a shared drive and extract to an excel file If possible to get help please

Folder creator name

File creator name

File latest modifier name

File latest modify date

File latest entry date

Folder location

File location

Folder creation date

File creation date

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  • This is PowerShell day one/hour one learning.

    All you are after is in the Powershell help files and the examples they show. It's literally two cmdlets. See Youtube on how to use them if you are a visual learner.

    # All Help topics and locations
    Get-Help about_*
    Get-Help about_Functions
    Get-Help about* | Select Name, Synopsis
    Get-Help about* | 
    Select-Object -Property Name, Synopsis |
    Out-GridView -Title 'Select Topic' -OutputMode Multiple |
    ForEach-Object { Get-Help -Name $_.Name -ShowWindow }
    explorer "$pshome\$($Host.CurrentCulture.Name)"
    # Get parameters, examples, full and Online help for a cmdlet or function
    # Get a list of all functions
    Get-Command -CommandType Function | 
    Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Available functions'
    # Get a list of all commandlets
    Get-Command -CommandType Cmdlet | 
    Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Available cmdlets'
    # Get a list of all functions for the specified name
    Get-Command -Name '*ADGroup*' -CommandType Function | 
    Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Available named functions'
    # Get a list of all commandlets for the specified name
    Get-Command -Name '*ADGroup**'  -CommandType Cmdlet | 
    Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Available named cmdlet'
    # get function / cmdlet details
    (Get-Command -Name Get-ChildItem).Parameters
    Get-help -Name Get-ChildItem -Examples
    Get-help -Name Get-ChildItem -Full
    Get-help -Name Get-ChildItem -Online
    (Get-Command -Name Export-Csv).Parameters
    Get-help -Name Export-Csv -Examples
    Get-help -Name Export-Csv -Full
    Get-help -Name Export-Csv -Online

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