copy file(s) to a Win32_USBControllerDevice ?

Hi there,

I've got a tablet that is visible in windows explorer as a portable device and with explorer i can copy files to it. Unfortunately this tablet is not able to be visible as a drive with a letter assigned to it, nor is it visible in the android sdk, for which i use it. So, now i have to manually copy .apk files to it very regularly (like every minute, because i build them and then have to install it on the tablet). I'd like to make a shortcut on the desktop for the .apk file of the project that is current, so that i can do this copying with just 1 click ! The path on my computer is known for me and the location on the tablet is also always the root directory.

I've been searching online for something in powerscript, but i've never even used powerscript before, so this is totally not my field of expertise and all i've found is displaying USB devices, not anything related to doing anything with them. So if it helps, i've found that the tablet shows up in the list that comes up with this commmand:

Get-WmiObject Win32_USBControllerDevice | Foreach-Object { [Wmi]$_.Dependent }|sort service,caption |ft -group service caption,man*,desc* -auto

 and that the service is: WUDFWpdMtp.


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