Can someone help with script to change multiple users SIP Domain in their Lync account and have it run against a spreadsheet or text file??

Hello. we deployed OCS a couple of years ago. when we did we used our company's domain namespace as the SIP domain (i.e and not the users email address (i.e. now that we have deployed Lync and an EDGE server we need to change all users SIP Domain from to we have around 4500 users in the company. here's the issue though..... i cannot do a mass blanket change to everyone, it has to be a controlled change. i know there is a script to change all users SIP Domain at one time but i can't do that. can anyone help me find a script that will look at an excel spreadsheet or text file for a list of users and only change the users in that list??

Thanks in advance for any help

  • Hi there

    I am definitely not a Guru in Lync, but since there are no answers so far, maybe if you have no answers from an Expert I can help a little.

    Do you have an example of what you want to achieve, like doing it one by one? Sorry if I ask this question but I am used to script manual operations.