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Added directly within your manufacturing process of deodorization ability strongest activated carbon, so can promise the sneakers don't smelly, and effective everything. 3, the durability of POLIYOU make inoculants POLIYOU product of antibacterial agent took the type of chemical combination in POLIYOU sponge and fiber surface, the antibacterial effect of insoluble in water and general dry cleaning solvent, wet resistance of heat-resistant, durable antibacterial effect. When using our country textile department issued FJ - 54 p - 85 standard polyester detection method, bacteriostatic rate after washing ten times remain quite high water ??. 4, POLIYOU compressibility as well as elastic resistance of materials. POLIYOU materials with its main ingredients for flexibility and strength are wonderful polyurethane, and compression resistance and abrasion resistance can be quite good, hard equated with other materials. POLIYOU high elasticity from itself open modified PU material, flexible than closed or half open material, in addition maintain its original shape, elastic never tired, enable anyone while walking, running or standing for the future to get more thoroughly protected. [Upper - shoe] role: to allow support, protection, air permeability, and ensure the feet are positioned on the inside right place. Leather, Leather feels safe, comfortable, by consumers thought to be valuable. However it is stretching effect straightforward deformation. Leather (Leather) - Leather may be flexibility for the characteristics of comfort, fit, surface tension, bioactive, permeability is best suited; Unveiled he thinks the laws lots of materials used leather shoe money it is quite classic and collection value. Excellent material for quite a while, at first glance associated with the leather is commonly used for producing shoes, sign of leather also cause its inherent defects within shoe, good crease flexible extension tends to make it easier to deformation, fracture; All together leather uppers easy worn and chaussures de running nike scratched; Leather good aeration biological characteristics of getting damp and water environment facing the severe test, flexible leather uppers alone while in the high strength not having ankle, foot side key vulnerable parts which includes strong support of protection and form. However ,, regarding technology, especially more NIKE materials, leather materials in such aspects as processing molding often demanding and complicated, so that the process costs rise, or, use cortex is would not completely remove the suture, in high-tech developed now, overeat, suture has grown into possesses the defect of the past. Simple said, cortex during the nature for this soft and hard aspects for shoe is contradictory. Choose good leather, per irs characteristics of leather material design shoes structure happens to be the premise and key of that whole shoe building design, beginners, giving full play into a lot of leather a good, concurrently , ?? scale improvement, strengthen the leather uppers supportive and reliable. You can see that these past classic shoe on the inside obvious cortical is coming from a rigorous testing and supply many additional actual to check to the extreme, do sports and comfort