Exchange Report by Powershell

Hi gays, i would like to share with you my case! i want to extract some informations from our Exchange Server, as i am new with PowerShell, i would like to give me some ways to get my objective ?
For example : how to get the Maximum number of recipients for each user mailbox ?
and how to get the size of mailbox for each user ? 

Sorry the Screenshot is in Frensh, the operation to get the information is with following the Steps 1, 2 and 3 .
In English, Mailbox functionalities, mail flow, see details and , Limits of recipients .

  • It's ok to be new at something, however:
    Can you give of what you have tried so far?
    Have you looked at a few other online resources that provide pre-built scripts that you could use as is or tweak for your needs?

    For example from Microsoft:
    '' and just enter the search term of interest, for example 'Exchange mailbox'

    Have you look at the PowerShell built-in help for mailbox cmdlets?
    1 - just open the PowerShell_ISE as an administrator
    2 - start a new script pane

    3 - type:
    Add-PSSnapin -Name '*Exchange*'

    4 - Click the Refresh button in the commands tab
    5 - Type
    5 - Get-mailbox in the serach box
    6 - Then click any of the Get-MailBox cmdlets and view what they do, and look at the help file on your system or online.

    Now you can , for example, in the PowerShell_ISE script pane, type...

    Get-Mailbox -Identity $env:USERNAME | Select -Property *
    ... to see all you can get from that cmdlet and so on.

    Then do stuff like...

    # Get the mailbox properties of the current user logged in
    Get-Mailbox -Identity $env:USERNAME | Select -Property *

    The properties of interestfor the recipient

    # Then you can ask for what you want...
    Get-Mailbox -Identity $env:USERNAME | Select DisplayName,RecipientLimits

    # And to export the result to an excel CSV file, use:
    Get-Mailbox -Identity $env:USERNAME |
    Select DisplayName,RecipientLimits |
    Export-CSV "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\$env:USERNAME-MaximumRecipient Limits.csv"

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