Restore-Mailbox cmdlet is not working

We are using PowerShell commands to restore 30+ Exchange server mailboxes. But, it doesn’t give any positive hope. We also observed that all required parameters are available in PowerShell Queries. Now, our team is working on the reference of and alternative tool reference:

But, the above tool is not a freeware.

Please Help!

  • Well, there are many tools present in the global market with the help you can restore mailbox. I would like to suggest you genuine tool like Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager Software which converts EDB to PST files without tampering original contents. This tool migrates of personal and public folders to Shared Mailbox in a hassle-free manner.

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  • Hey, I use Powershell command to restore Exchange mailboxes, you can check out the following Commands, hope this will helps all Exchange Administrator, who want to restore exchange mailboxes:

    Or Exchange Administrator can Download the Demo version of exchange mailbox recovery tool freely and restore multiple mailboxes in Live Exchange environment directly.

  • Make sure you are using Restore-Mailbox cmdlet in a valid way

    This cmdlet is available only in Exchange Server 2010.

           [-Identity] <MailboxIdParameter>
           -RecoveryDatabase <DatabaseIdParameter>
           -RecoveryMailbox <StoreMailboxIdParameter>
           -TargetFolder <String>
           [-AllContentKeywords <String[]>]
           [-AttachmentFilenames <String[]>]
           [-BadItemLimit <Int32>]
           [-ContentKeywords <String[]>]
           [-EndDate <DateTime>]
           [-ExcludeFolders <MapiFolderPath[]>]
           [-GlobalCatalog <Fqdn>]
           [-IncludeFolders <MapiFolderPath[]>]
           [-Locale <CultureInfo>]
           [-MaxThreads <Int32>]
           [-RecipientKeywords <String[]>]
           [-SenderKeywords <String[]>]
           [-StartDate <DateTime>]
           [-SubjectKeywords <String[]>]

    Here are some of the examples of it

    Example 1

    Restore-Mailbox -Identity Scott -RecoveryDatabase MyRecoveryDatabase

    This example restores a mailbox for user Scott from the database MyRecoveryDatabase.

    Example 2

    Restore-Mailbox -Identity Scott -RecoveryDatabase MyRecoveryDatabase -RecoveryMailbox John -TargetFolder Recovery

    This example restores John's mailbox content into Scott's mailbox under the Recovery folder.

    Before you think about restoring a mailbox you try some of the email archiving tools or a reliable email migration services.