Creating groups of phone numbers for sms in exchange

what is the most efficient way to create a distribution group and populating the group with external phone numbers for text messages.  I tried creating the group via the emc  i could not copy paste the phone numbers. I tried via the exchange management console The phone numbers below is a sample. We have approx. 180 groups to create. We have about a thousand phone number to enter in Exchange. Because they are external phone number would I have to create mail contacts - which I cannot copy paste phone numbers

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  • # Are you saying, you want add this external list to each DG?

    # Now I am doing this from memory as I am no where near my exchange server
    # So, test is a safe location first.

    # You could try...
    # Load the Exchange cmdlets for use in the ISE on the Exchange server

    Add-PSSnapin -Name*

    The cmdlet load could be done on any remote client as well using the following..
        Well, as long as PowerShell Remoting is enabled on teh Exchange server
        And you had permissions to use it
        And you were the Exchange administrator

    $ExchangeServerFqdn = ''

    ExchangeSession = New-PSSession `
    -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange `
    -ConnectionUri "http://$ExchangeServerFqdn/PowerShell" `
    -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $ResourceAdministrator
    Import-PSSession $ExchangeSession

    # The DG part
    # Create a new DG
    Import-Csv -Path "$env:SystemDrive\Files\NewDgGroupNames.csv" `
    | ForEach {New-DistributionGroup -Type Distribution -Name $NewDgGroupName}

    forEach ($NewDgGroupName in (Import-Csv -Path "$env:SystemDrive\Files\NewDgGroupNames.csv" ))
        # Add a new member to DG
        forEach ($NewContact in (Import-Csv -Path "$env:SystemDrive\Files\NewContactNames.csv"))
        {Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity $NewDgGroupName -Member $NewContact}

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