inbox rule array value separator missing

I am trying to extract mailbox configurations for a migration project and a stumbling point is the  inboxrules.

get-inbox rules myUser | fl name, bodycontainswords

the output displays the rule name and the contents of the bodycontainswords attribute in a comma separated array such as "invoice 111, invoice 222, invoice333"

If i try to export the rules to a CSV using the following

get-inboxrule -mailbox myuser | select Name, bodyconatinswords | export-csv c:\temp\myfile.csv -notypeinformation 

the bodyconainswords out is plain text field "invoice 111 invoice 222 invoice333" and without and separators

I have tried to export to a text file and to use a tab delimiter but the attribute value still exports as a non-delimited string.

How can I export the value of the attribute with the value delimiter?