How can I read Win32_Processor / Win32_BIOS?

Embarcadero® C++Builder 10.1 Berlin

I have to read these values, but I can't find a way

Win32_Processor: UniqueID, ProcessorID, Name, Manufacturer, MaxClockSpeed

Win32_BIOS: Manufacturer, SMBIOSBIOSVersion, IdentificationCode, SerialNumber, ReleaseDate, Version

Thank you very much

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  • I have no idea that this is --- Embarcadero® C++Builder 10.1 Berlin.

    This Q&A site is about PowerShell. Now, you can have say C++/C#, etc use PowerShell by hosting PowerShell in your app and the is well documented all over the web. Yet, that does not seem to be what you are asking though.

    Even the question is ask is a very common thing to do, with or without PowerShell. I can get this info using WMIC.exe or VBScript using cmd.exe, again, fully documented, with samples shown all over the web. PowerShell makes it more readable and usable though.

    A quick web search using the string in your post...

    powershell 'read Win32_Processor / Win32_BIOS?'

     ... would give you a long list of the ways to do this.

    Even direct reference to the MS docs on the topic.

    Collecting Information About Computers

    Yet, it's in the examples of the built-in help files

    # Get specifics for a module, cmdlet, or function
    (Get-Command -Name Get-WmiObject).Parameters
    (Get-Command -Name Get-WmiObject).Parameters.Keys
    Get-WmiObject -Name Get-WmiObject -Examples
    Get-WmiObject -Name Get-WmiObject -Full
    Get-WmiObject -Name Get-WmiObject -Online
    # Or 
    (Get-Command -Name Get-CimINstance).Parameters
    (Get-Command -Name Get-CimINstance).Parameters.Keys
    Get-CimINstance -Name Get-CimINstance -Examples
    Get-CimINstance -Name Get-CimINstance -Full

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