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I'm trying to shake off my powershell rust, I wrote a script that pulls all of my printer permissions and shoves them into a variable then outputs my permissions separated by the printer names, see screenshot. I need to know how to export this data, I have tried all of the brackets and export-csv tricks that I remember but can only get it to export the file name with a blank data sheet. Any help would be great, below is my code and screenshot. 

# Get printer all permissions for server

# Creates function to convert string to readable user name

Function Convert-SDDLToACL {
Param (
#One or more strings of SDDL syntax.

foreach ($SDDL in $SDDLString) {
$ACLObject = New-Object -Type Security.AccessControl.DirectorySecurity

# Creates Printer List

$computerfile = 'MPLSPS01'
$object = ForEach ($computer in $computerfile) {
Get-WmiObject Win32_Printer -ComputerName $computer |
Select-Object -Expand Name}

# Allows more than 100 printers to be queried

$ra = @(0..100)

# Returns ACE values into readable format

ForEach ($printer in $object){
$sddl = (Get-Printer $printer -Full).PermissionSDDL
Convert-SDDLToACL $sddl |
Select-Object -Expand IdentityReference |
Select-Object -Expand Value

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