Getting Scheduled Task information via PowerShell


I'm working on a Powershell script that is to be tasked with the job of auditing scheduled tasks that are defined on a number of Servers in our environment.

I've managed to get it working pretty well and it even includes the ability to audit multiple actions and multiple targets.  It also will audit targets with different scheduling parameters.

All is working fine but I just can't figure out how to audit a trigger which is defined as 'On a schedule' where the interval is set to 'Monthly'.

When you do this the resultant CIM object has the type 'MSFT_TaskTrigger'.  I've tried using the object reference but none of the child objects seem to actually have any values associated with them.  This is despite me create a sample test which has both Months and Days specified.

Does anyone else know of a way of achieving this?

Right now I use the New-CimSession cmdlet to first get a valid connection to the remote machine.  Then I use Get-ScheduledTask to retrieve the appropriate tasks.

From there I can enumerate the triggers using the $scheduledTask.Triggers collection.  It seems to work for all triggers but i'm struggling to get the extended information about the trigger schedule when the type is MSFT_TaskTrigger.

Grateful for any pointers or advice that people might have.

Thanks in advance,



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