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I'm delighted to host this new forum on! I deliver Windows PowerShell training to thousands of people each year, and am proud to have authored and co-authored several PowerShell-related books. This forum is a place for my former students, and readers of my books, to ask me questions directly. I'll pop in with answers - but I also welcome the entire community to contribute their answers, suggestions, and viewpoints. Together, we can all help each other learn new techniques, overcome roadblocks, and master the shell!

Two "rules of the road" that I ask everyone to observe:

If you've got a question, try to post a SHORT, relevant section of PowerShell script or commands that illustrate your problem. Don't post an entire 300-line script, 'cause that's really difficult for anyone to read through and understand.

Second, if you answer a question - ANSWER it. Don't just tell someone they can "Google it." You can provide links to other Web pages, provided those give a complete answer - but if you don't have time to link to, or provide, a COMPLETE answer, then please hold off on posting.