Combine 2 XSLX files with multiple sheets

Hi all,

I need a PowerShell script which does combine 2 XLSX files with 3 different sheets.

So I have the 2 XLSX files:

- C:\data\File1.xlsx

- C:\data\File2.xlsx

Each XLSX file has the same amount of sheets with the exact sheet name:

- C:\data\File1.xlsx  has   Sheet1,  Sheet2,  Sheet3

- C:\data\File2.xlsx  has   Sheet1,  Sheet2,  Sheet3

Every sheet on every file need first to delete the FIRST 3 rows

When this is done than the new 1st row is always the row header

Every sheet in the 2 files have always the same new row header

So at the end I need a NEW combined file In an different location stored) with again the 3 sheets and the data per sheet need to be the summary of the 2 files.

- C:\data\Result\Combined1.xls   which has   Sheet1,  Sheet2,  Sheet3

I was searching on the internet but was not able to find anything which did help me.

To mention is that I am not a guru in scripting.