XML output

Pretty simple. Collect current public IP information as Json, convert to XML and format as .csv.  Works, but often gives an error. My question is that the $Output variable has a space indent on each item after the header and first item... I know there are probably good alternatives to this, but just want to understand where the extra space comes from. This is run in ISE.

$hdr = "Fld,Type,Data"
$Nl = "`r`n"
$cJson = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri 'https://ipinfo.io/json'
$XML = ConvertTo-Xml -As String -InputObject $cJson
$Output = $XML | Select-Xml -XPath "//Property" | foreach {$_.node.Name + "," + $_.node.Type+ "," + $_.node.InnerXML+ $Nl}
$Output = $hdr + $Nl + $Output

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